Our Aims

Past campaigns have involved us trying to show Sega, Nintendo and Camelot just how many people would love to see a new or re-released Shining Force game. Although new “Force” games have been released, they are not the tactical RPGs we associate with the Shining Force brand. Sega and the developers involved in recent titles just do not seem to understand, or perhaps do not care, what it is we all want and are unable to act fan suggestions for legal reasons.  Camelot, on the other hand, have always cared a great deal about their fans. If they were to approach Sega regarding the continuation of the series they stand a better chance of being heard than we do.

The focus of Shining Force SOS is to show Camelot how much we love their original Shining series.  Ultimately we hope this may encourage them to re-establish their relationship with Sega. We will also notify Sega and Nintendo of the “bundle of love” when it is sent on to Camelot and humbly ask that Sega consider reconnecting with Camelot.

We are also looking into the costs of magazine advertising either to promote the campaign, or to simply display a message of love for the Shining series and Camelot. While this may be expensive, between us all I’m sure we can afford it. Going to the trouble and expense of taking out magazine adverts in the gaming press will certainy make a statement about how much we love the series. Copies of the magazines featuring the advert could then be included in the “Bundle of Love”.

But what is the “bundle of love”? Read how you can help to spread the Shining love!