The Campaign has been sent!

Since last Thursday I’ve been preparing the Campaign package, and I can’t believe just how long it has taken to get it ready!

First of all, let me say a huge thank you and well done to everyone who has helped the campaign.

We gathered a grand total of 42 postal letters and 23 digital letters (remember, the digitals have all come within the last week) from at least 11 different countries (possibly more, some digital letters didn’t include their address), including lots of fan art, and a number of lovely gifts for Camelot.  The birthday card ended up with 51 names inside it, which fitted perfectly as you’ll see from the photos!

To date we have also gathered 49 YouTube videos and I know at least a few more are on the way.  Don’t forget you can keep sending in your Campaign videos right up until the 29th of March, when we hope Camelot will view them.

The parcel weighed in at a little under 4.5kg and cost a whopping UK£83.79 (approx. US$137) to post. Delivery time should be in the region of 4-5 business days, but of course with the recent tragedies in Japan it may be a little longer. There is tracking on the parcel so I should be able to check when it’s been received. Thanks to everyone who donated towards the postage cost, we just about got it covered!

So, what’s in the bundle?

  • The Shining Birthday Card
  • 2 folders containing the fan letters, fan art and more…
  • 4 magazines
  • 3 presents
  • A CD containing PDF versions of all the letters & art etc.

I scanned in each and every letter (along with any fanwork included) and converted them to PDF files, which have been included with the bundle in the form of a nicely labelled CD. This is just in case anything should happen to the bundle in transit, and also so that I can easily send copies of the letters to Sega without having to send a similarly large parcel.

Each letter is in its own page of the display folder, and includes the envelope (or relevant part thereof, if it was too big or too heavy) to help prove authenticity. Letters which had a gift with them include a sticky note marked “Present”  in Japanese and a number, with a corresponding sticky note on each present in the bundle.

The presents have all been wrapped up and labelled, after all – who doesn’t love opening presents?!

I didn’t include a fancy SF:SOS label on the box, instead I thought it would be a nice surprise for Camelot to have no idea what’s inside, and then have to open it to find out.

Today I’ll be preparing the letters for Sega, and posting them along with a copy of the Campaign CD.

Well, without further ado, here are the photos of everything.  Note that I’ve blurred some photos for privacy reasons, but at least you can get the general idea of everything!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hooray! Good luck and great work!

  2. Exevalon says: