Now accepting Digital Letters!

Write a letter to help the campaign!We are now into the final week of the Shining Force: SOS Campaign and while the response has not been as great as I had originally hoped, things have certainly picked up in the last few weeks! We have done much better than any previous campaign, well done everyone.

It’s looking as if we should have around 40-50 letters to send to Camelot in the bundle, and around 50 videos on the YouTube Channel. Some of the letters include fanart, fan fiction and photos of Shining collections – thanks to everyone for what they’ve sent :) As you may know I’ve made a Yogurt plush toy to send to Camelot (as well as one for the prize draw) and have had RainyDaySunshine’s beautiful Shining artwork turned into a large birthday card, into which I shall be gluing everyone’s signatures/names/messages if included with their letters. In addition we have several magazines to include which feature the SF:SOS advertisement as well as unpaid mentions of the campaign and just this morning I have been told that another campaign letter is on its way including a beautiful piece of Shining cross-stitch art for Camelot. Brilliant!

Now, while there are still a few days for fans in Europe and the UK to post their campaign letters, fans in the USA and rest of the world are just about out of time if they want to be sure their letters arrive in time to be included with the campaign bundle. If you live in a big city or know your postal service is reliable, there’s a good chance that letters sent on Monday will also arrive in time.

Just to recap, these are the recommended last posting dates, in order for me to receive the letters by March 20th:

UK: Friday 18th March (First Class), Thursday 17th March (Second Class)
Europe: Tuesday 15th March (Airmail)
Rest of World: Saturday 12th March (Airmail)

Although I had only wanted to include postal letters, for maximum impact on Camelot, I am now accepting digital letters for the campaign in order to boost numbers. Please, if you still have time to post your campaign letter, do still post it – this will be more effective in terms of campaign impact! If you’re too late to post, then you can now email me your letters. Read below for requirements:

1. Please be sure to include your name and postal address.
This is not only to show Camelot that you are a real person (afterall, anyone could fake a load of printed letters!) but also in case you win the prize draw and I need to send you a prize :)

2. If possible, handwrite your letter and your signature/name for the birthday card.
You should scan these at a high resolution (minimum 150DPI, ideally 300DPI) suitable for printing. A typed letter is also acceptable but please try to include a signature/name by hand. We want to show Camelot these are real letters from real people!

3. Include fanwork if you’ve made some.
If you want your fanart, photos or fanfiction included with your letter, please include these in your email for me to print.

4. Make sure to send in time
I need your digital letters/fanart by March 19th (to give me time for printing).

5. Email it to me!
Send your digital letter, digital signature/name and any fanwork for inclusion to
Please keep the attachment size below 5MB, or contact me to arrange for larger files to be transferred.

Prize Draw
Note that digital campaign letters will not gain you an entry into the prize draw, as I feel this would be unfair on those who have already made the effort to post letters. HOWEVER – if you send a digital letter with signature and also send a campaign video I will still allow you two entries to the prize draw as normal, for making the effort to send both a letter and a video.

The Situation in Japan
Some of you may be wondering how the terrible turn of events in Japan will affect the campaign. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by these dreadful natural disasters. While it is clear that there may be postal and transportation delays in Japan (probably the least of their worries) in the coming weeks and months, we will not be delaying the campaign. Even if it does not arrive on time, Camelot will see from the postal date that it was sent in time for the anniversary. I will also of course be including a message of condolence regarding the situation and will apologise for the timing of the campaign which was already near completion when disaster struck. I don’t want us to come across as insensitive.

One Response to “Now accepting Digital Letters!”

  1. O Trovador says:

    I will sent a digital letter too because I’m afraid my letter doesn’t arrive in time.

    If it arrives you can forget the digital letter and send just the original. (I hope it arrive in time, because I sent with the letter an audio CD recorded by me playing 4 Shining musics)