New video, Birthday card & other news

SF:SOS Birthday Card

First up, we have an excellent new video from a pair of Shining fans in the USA:

Big thanks to Johnny and his nephew Alex, it’s great to see the younger generations enjoying the classic Shining games. Good luck in Scenario 2, Alex! 😀

Next, we have the final version of the SF:SOS Birthday Card, designed by SFCer RainyDaySunshine. I think it looks amazing and I can’t wait to get it printed onto a proper card. Don’t forget to include a copy of your name for the card with your letter, so I can glue them all in!

I’ll be ordering the card in A4 size in the next couple of days, will post a photo when I receive it!

Finally, in news which has already been posted at the SFC forums, but I don’t think I posted it here yet…

The Smithsonian Art Museum in the USA is having a vote on which video games we think are most artistic, and Shining Force II is among the contenders. The games are organised into different groups and Shining Force II is up against Phantasy Star IV and Flashback. Tough competition, but I know which game I voted for!

Wouldn’t it be wonderfully satisfying for Camelot to have one of their Shining games in the Smithsonian? :) Even if Shining Force II isn’t your favourite of the series, a vote for it is a vote for the Shining series as a whole as far as the campaign is concerned, and this extra accolade for Camelot can only be a good thing. So please, get yourself over to:

and put in a vote for Shining Force II!

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