Nintendo Life supports the campaign!

SFCer Kaihaku (whose campaign letter I received today, coincidentally!) pointed me to the following article at Nintendo Life today:

in which they talk about the top 10 Sega games they’d like to see on the 3DS. In at number 2 was Shining Force, and with that & their obviously similar point of view to ours, I wrote them an email wondering if they might cover the campaign in an article on their site.

Within minutes they were following us on twitter, had responded to offer some coverage for the campaign… and sure enough, the article is now up and it looks as though we may be gaining a few more supporters thanks to it.

So, welcome all visitors from Nintendo Life, and thanks for coming along. I hope you’ll be able to write a letter and make a video in support of the campaign. I’m really starting to feel quite positive about it now, support seems to be piling in at last!

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