Time is running out, so get writing!

The end of the campaign is drawing near, and while videos can be accepted right up until March 29th (and beyond – but no longer eligible for the prize draw, as it is being held on the 29th) letters will need to be with me by March 20th at the very latest. Allowing a few days to a week for postage, this means you need to send your letters within the next 2 weeks if they are to be included with the campaign pack.

Remember, if you’re worried about your handwriting, type & print your letter – but sign it by hand for the personal touch.
You don’t have to include fanwork with the letter (but if you do, it’s appreciated!) and the letter doesn’t even have to be very long. Just a few lines to thank Camelot for the series and tell them that you love it will be enough.

Please, if you love the series – regardless of how you may feel about the campaign – just write a letter to thank Camelot. We may not achieve a new, true SF game – but at the very least we should all thank them for the Shining games they’ve given us.

More details on writing letters here

Don’t forget – there are some great prizes to win if you write a letter and/or send a video for the Campaign!


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