Even more prizes for supporters!

Prizes donated by SFCer T300

Prizes donated by SFCer T300

First up, I owe an apology for taking so long to post this news. Life’s been pretty busy for me lately.

As a sign of his support for the Campaign and the strength of his desire for a new game, longtime SFCer T300 has very generously donated his Shining collection to be prizes for the Prize Draw! That means that we now have 4 prizes – that’s right, 4 chances to win when you support the campaign with a letter and/or video. T300 said that he wants a new Camelot Shining Force game so badly that he was prepared to give up his existing Shining games for it. I shall certainly be mentioning his sacrifice in the covering letter to Camelot, his actions may speak louder than words.

But what exactly are these prizes? Well we’ve some real gems here – not only his original UK Mega Drive copies of Shining Force and Shining Force II but also his copy of Resurrection of the Dark Dragon for GBA.

T300, I salute you.  Good luck to everyone in the prize draw!

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