Magazine advert – fundraising!

Shining Force: SOS Campaign Magazine AdvertWell, we have an almost final draft for the quarter-page size Shining Force: SOS magazine advert, as you can see here (click on the thumbnail to see it in full). Now, we need to start raising money to actually get it in print. I received a donation in the post yesterday which has got the ball rolling and now of course we need to raise the rest.

We have several options on the magazine advertising front, depending on the money we raise. As much as I would like to be able to advertise in a USA publication, the prices I’ve been quoted for those are absolutely astronimical (we’re talking in the tens of thousands)  and are therefore unfortunately a no-go. So, the options we are left with at present (unless anyone wants to make alternative suggestions) are:

  • retro gamer or gamesTM in the UK, which is also available in some areas of Europe (I should imagine we can afford at least one of these, but we do get a discount if we go for both)
  • Edge magazine which sells in around 65 countries. This one is significantly more expensive and I’m not allowed to disclose the price I have been quoted – but if we manage to afford it, they may well also print a brief article about the campaign.
  • If we don’t raise enough for a magazine ad, we can get some web advertising on the Edge site at a rate of UK£17.00 (US$27.00) per 1,000 banner views. This is of course not the preferred option as we can’t very well show it to Camelot – unlike a printed advert.

Any further suggestions about possible magazines are very welcome. I’d love to get something in Famitsu, but have no way to discuss it with them. If any Japanese campaign supporters are reading this and are willing to liaise with Famitsu on our behalf it would be much appreciated. I’m sure we can get the advert translated if we are able to afford an advert in Famitsu.

So, if you’d like to help raise funds for the Campaign’s magazine advert, please use the PayPal form below (even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can donate with your credit or debit card via PayPal!).

3 Responses to “Magazine advert – fundraising!”

  1. Moogie says:

    Little update to say we are now halfway towards a gamesTM or retrogamer advert, thanks folks! Still quite some way to go if we want to advertise with Edge instead though 😉

  2. Elijah says:

    Hey, just as a note, I work at a major bookstore in the US, and we actually carry both RetroGamer and GamesTM…note that my particular store is relatively small, as such stores go. So if you can get into either (or both) of those, there is still definite potential for US exposure!

  3. Moogie says:

    Thanks Elijah, that’s really good to know! We actually got into both magazines in January, so hopefully we’ve already had a bit of extra US exposure 😀