The word continues to spread :)

Maybe not quite like wildfire, but word of the campaign is getting around – a quick Google search turned up a whole bunch of forum posts – thanks to all who are trying to get the message out there!

I posted on the forums recently and as a result of that a kind fellow by the name of sharky has posted the news on the fab Sega site, – see the article here: – thanks for this sharky, and for your various forum posts around the web 😀

Gamer Grenade has also picked up the news and tweeted it too. Article here:

Looks like we may get a mention in gamesTM in the near future, as our friend Ashley who works at the mag is going to try to squeeze something in for us. How good is that?!

No more videos added today but various SFCers have said they’ll be making theirs at the weekend – looking forward to uploading them to the SF:SOS YouTube Channel. Remember folks, if you don’t have the ability to make a video, you could do like SFCer Rick did in his – take some snapshot photos & record an audio clip and assemble them into a video in Windows Movie Maker or similar software. I think he did a great job :)

Will endeavour to get some buttons, banners and high res logos uploaded by the end of the week, so you can all start posting pretty links on your website and getting fliers up at your local game shops 😉

Keep on Shining everyone!

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