Campaign Prize Draw for all supporters!

UPDATE: 5th February 2011 Now even more prizes! Click here to read more. 

UPDATE: 13th February 2011 Extra special prize added! Click here :)

I’m going to have to make a prominent feature of this on the site when I get the time, but for now an announcement will have to do.

A very generous benefactor, SFCer Doc105, has bought my limited edition (only 100 made, given away as a prize by Sega Japan – I was one of the lucky winners) Shining Soul II Yogurt GBA pouch from me on the basis that he wanted it to be used as a prize in a contest at SFC.

Well, it’ll be a while before the new SFC design is finished and the competitions get going again, so we came up with a great idea.

Limited Edition Shining Soul II Yogurt GBA PouchEveryone who supports the campaign by sending in a video and/or postal letter will be entered into a prize draw to win the Limited Edition SSII Yogurt GBA Pouch! And as an added incentive, you’ll get one entry for sending in a video and another entry for sending a postal letter – so be sure to include your email address with your letter!

The chances of another of these pouches becoming available to fans outside of Japan is slim to none.

Show your love of the series by supporting the campaign, and the pouch could be yours!

The winner will be drawn at random from all entries on March 29th 2011, the 20th Anniversary of the Shining series.

What are you waiting for? Get your webcams/videophones out, and your pen & paper ready!

7 Responses to “Campaign Prize Draw for all supporters!”

  1. Leonel Díaz says:

    Recuerdo cuando agarré curiosidad por todos esos juegos de rol.
    Fue empezar Shining Force II y ya me había convertido en fan de la saga.
    Desde la introducción que ese sentimiento increíble que rodea al juego me atrapó como pocos, y una vez llegaron las batallas, el organizar a tus viajeros, que el mismo sitio donde estabas caminando y explorando como cualquier otro RPG, se convierta en el terreno de batalla y tenga su significado táctico, sellaron a fuego mi amor por el mismo.
    Simplemente una maravilla.
    Han aparecido otros juegos con el mismo estilo de juego, pero ninguno captura lo que Shining Force tiene.

    Espero haya un nuevo Shining Force como aquellos originales, la calidad brillará a traves de las ridiculas modas impuestas en las ultimas generaciones.

    I remember when I first picked up curiosity about all those role playing games.
    I was just starting Shining Force II when I inadvertently became a fan of the franchise.
    From the introduction, that incredible feeling surrounding the game caught me, and once the battle started, organizing your travellers, the fact that the same place where you are wandering around and exploring like any RPG, suddenly becomes the battlefield and everything has it’s tactical meaning, sealed my love for it.
    It’s simply a wonderful experience.

    I hope there’s a new Shining Force like those originals, I’m sure the quality will shine trough the ridiculous fads imposed in the last generations.

  2. facebo says:

    I am from Spain, at year 94 i bought Shining Force after some difficulties to get it, the first game was not commercialized at my country, but i had a bit of luck and found one at an specialized seller.
    I was 17 years old at 94 and i played more games before, but when I played Shining Force all changed for me. 16 years later i still have the feelings in my heart, the feelings only Shining Force gave me.

    Please I need another one game like the those classic masterpieces.

  3. Heider says:

    Hello. First of all I would like to say that I’m a brazilian guy. So, sorry for any mistake 😀

    I first met Shining Force at 97. A little too late, cause RPGs were rare aroud here. When I played the fist battle, I knew I had to finish that game. The characters, strategy, the feeling. Everything was fantastic. Then came Shining Force II and Shining Force CD, and later Shining in Darkness and Shining Force III. Isn’t hard to say that Shining was my favorite videogame serie – over Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Mario, Sonic, etc.

    But then came the PS2 games, which weren’t the same. It were good games, but not at the level of the old ones. Same with the DS game. I need Shining Force IV. And V. And VI. And just Camelot can give me this. So please, thousand of fans in the world are waiting for this.

  4. Moogie says:

    Thanks for the comments :) It’s great to hear from fans around the world. Please do send in your videos and letters to support the campaign!

  5. ScybPT says:

    Shining Force,Shining 2 and Shining Force 3 the best RPG´S EVER!The Characters the music the battles so much into the games.They should do a Shining Force 4 with qualitie of the consoles we have today but with the same type of game battle sistem and characters like they did with shining Force 3 with 3 games with a link pad to the storie really amazing!
    Shining Force is a game that i will never forget in my life i was 10 year old the first time i played Shining Force 2 a was amazed and now with 26 year old im writing this.

  6. Rapange says:

    I’m from Peru, so sorry for the mistakes I could probably make:
    The first game I played was Shining Force II a few years ago, but I didn’t finish it. Since then, I love the Shining Force series, and I finished the game a year ago. I also finished Shining Force I, and the experience was unique, and the characters too. The music was fantastic, the plot of the game is the best. The PS2 games and the DS game are not the same as before. :(
    I want a real Shining Force game like before.
    Shining Force is a game that will make a hero out of any gamer.

  7. Edgard says:

    When I met the Shining series, it was like having discovered the video game again.
    The whole context has a story plot very interesting and holds the player’s attention in every detail. At the time I’d guess about 13 years to 14 years and was starting to play RPG’s. Knowing this game very marked my life, I remember the excitement and moments of anger when bolava a wrong strategy, srrsrs. But with much insistence I and my friend Evan got to the end of the game and we were delighted with everything.
    Thanks Shining Force!
    Excuse the typos.