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キャンペーンに関する詳しい情報If you’re a fan of Shining Force and want to help Save our Series, read on and check out the following links! We need support from fans all around the world :)

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We want to show Camelot Software Planning how much we love the Shining series and how much we'd love them to continue it. Approaching Sega ourselves would be fruitless - they cannot act on fan suggestions for legal reasons. If Camelot approaches Sega directly there is a better chance of success.
Write a fan letter, send your fanwork, make a YouTube campaign video clip, follow us on Twitter and spread the word far and wide! You could even win a valuable prize if you support the campaign!The Shining series celebrates its 20th Anniversary in March 2011, but for the last decade it has gone downhill without Camelot's involvement. We know they'd like to work on the series again, and that they have been able to co-operate with Sega in recent months.